High Density Deposition Sputtering Cathode, Planar Magentron Sputtering Source
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High Density Deposition Sputtering Cathode, Planar Magentron Sputtering Source
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: ROYAL
Certification: ISO, CE, CCC, SGS, UL
Model Number: RTSP-PS
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: carton, pallets
Delivery Time: 20 weeks
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, D/P, D/A, L/C
Supply Ability: 10002 sets per month
Coating Film: TiN, TiC, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, Cu,
Coating Material:: Stainless Steel, Metal Alloy
Bigger Size: Customized
Coating Color:: Silver, Golden, Blue, Purple, Yellow
Weight: 4-7 Tons
Power(W): 30-50KW
Warranty: 1 Year
Product Description
Magnetron Sputtering Sources - Planar Sputtering Cathode



Magnetron sputtering is another form of PVD coating technology.

Plasma coating
Magnetron sputtering is a plasma coating process whereby sputtering material is ejected due to bombardment of ions to the target surface. The vacuum chamber of the PVD coating machine is filled with an inert gas, such as argon. By applying a high voltage, a glow discharge is created, resulting in acceleration of ions to the target surface and a plasma coating. The argon-ions will eject sputtering materials from the target surface (sputtering), resulting in a sputtered coating layer on the products in front of the target.

Reactive sputtering
Often an additional gas such as nitrogen or acetylene is used, which will react with the ejected material (reactive sputtering). A wide range of sputtered coatings is achievable with this PVD coating technique. Magnetron sputtering technology is very advantageous for decretive coating (e.g. Ti, Cr, Zr and Carbon Nitrides), because of its smooth nature. The same advantage makes magnetron sputtering widely used for tribological coating in automotive markets (e.g. CrN, Cr2N and various combinations with DLC coating - Diamond Like Carbon coating).

Magnetic fields
Magnetron sputtering is somewhat different from general sputtering technology. The difference is that magnetron sputtering technology uses magnetic fields to keep the plasma in front of the target, intensifying the bombardment of ions. A highly dense plasma is the result of this PVD coating technology.

Magnetron sputtering technology is characterized by:

  • A water-cooled target, so little radiation heat is generated
  • Almost any metallic target material can be sputtered without decomposition
  • Non-conductive materials can be sputtered by using radio frequency (RF)
    or medium frequency (MF) power
  • Oxide coatings can be sputtered (reactive sputtering)
  • Excellent layer uniformity
  • Very smooth sputtered coatings (no droplets)
  • Cathodes (of up to 2 meter long) can be put in any position, therefore high
    flexibility of sputtering equipment design
  • How Vacuum metalizing is done?
    Mainly Process includes
    § Automatic painting technology, equipped with advanced automatic spray gun, customer can also match full-automatic painting robot.
    § Water curtain spray design and paint mist recycle system which could greatly reduce the proliferation of paint mist pollution.
    § Water curtain spray design and paint mist recycle system which could greatly reduce the proliferation of paint mist pollution.
    § Auto chain type design can flexibly carry out the line body planning and installation.
    § Entirely new human-machine interface design, PLC automatic control system and simple operation which can be handled by your fingertips.
    § Reasonable arrangement of infrared heating, the hole point of UV curing layout .Warm curing process without dead angle is completed quickly.
    § Length : Customized length, single painting with single baking, double spray painting with double baking, usually the length of automatic line is 50m, 90m, 120m and 200m etc.
    § Rotor chain: frequency adjustable transmission chain
    § Electrostatic dust precipitation: independent automatic electrostatic precipitation chamber and equipped with 6 electrostatic precipitation gun
    § Flame treatment: multiple flame treatment gun, improve the adhesion of specific product
    § Automatic painting: independent automatic spray chamber, equipped with multiple automatic spray gun, customer can also select full-automatic painting robot.
    § Infrared leveling: infrared pre-heat-flux bake length with accurate calculation, adopt multiple latest R&D infrared pre-heat-flux system with adjustable temperature.
    § UV curing: equipped with multiple high power UV light ,whole point of UV curing device
    § Air purge: adopt high-efficiency filter, which could improve the purification rate and cleanliness
    § Electrical control: adopt PLC fully automatic control system, process parameters are controllable and adjustable


High Density Deposition Sputtering Cathode, Planar Magentron Sputtering Source 0


Maximum Sputtering Power
Indirect Cooled target > 20 Watts / cm2 (DC)
> 7 Watts / cm2 (RF)
Discharge Voltage/ 100 to 1500 volts
Discharge Current > 0.05 amps / cm2
Operating Pressure 0.05 to 5 Pa
Target utilization > 35%
Form Rectangular/ Planar
Thickness 6mm~16mm
Width 125mm
Installation Internal/external




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