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October 11, 2022

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Air-To-Air Continuous Sputtering Deposition Line

Machine Model: RTSP1480

Technology: PVD magnetron sputtering deposition

Location: Qingdao, China



Conductive metal wires,

Metal coil and metal strip with thickness is less than 1mm

Optical fiber

Twisted fiber and wires such as basalt fiber (BFRP) and carbon fiber, glass yarns, carbon yarns






Technical Background


After decades of research and development, vacuum coating has been quite a mature film deposition treatment which has a positive prospect applications in various industries. It requires a comprehensive technologies to apply the vacuum coating technique to continuous wires and strips, which can modify the surface characteristics and functions, its significant lightweight performance makes an advantage for artificial intelligence devices.

Types of the existing vacuum coating production line for wires and strips substrates


(1)Separated type


(2) Air-to Air,full continuous coating type


The Air-to Air full continuous coating line is a completed continuous coating process processes which including cleaning pre-treatment in the atmosphere environment, and then the substrates ( strips or wires) enters into the vacuum chamber to get metal films deposited, in then end it back to atmosphere environment again through buffering chambers.

The coating line key structural modules:

A: Substrates (strips or wires) cleaning pre-treatment module

B: Cooling down module

C: Annealing module

D: Film deposition chamber

E: Loop devices and vacuum buffering chamber.

The whole coating line’s structure, operation and control system is more complex, extremely high investment but the advantages of high output and sharping down production cost efficiently make it is very attractive for manufacturers.





(3)Universal Type


(4) Multiple-layers coating type


The production line combine several different PVD coating methods: Electron beam evaporation coating, magnetron sputtering deposition and plasma enhanced CVD deposition.




Royal technology’s team has built the pilot system for industrial production line in 2019.

we are excited to announce that outsourcing coating service to us is available now.






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Please contact us who is interested in the coating system, turnkey coating solution can be provided.

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