China PVD Vacuum Coating Machine manufacturer

PVD protects the environment, saves the blue planet.

Royal Technology VACUUM DEPOSITION MACHINE manufacturer.
              ----Standardization, Precision, Stabilizaiton 


  • Glass Coating Machine

    Strong Adhesion Glass Products Gold Coat

    Strong Adhesion and Excellent scratch resistance.

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  • Stainless Steel Jewelry PVD Gold Plating Machine ,  Silver Jewelry  IPG Gold  Vacuum Coating Equipment

    Stainless Steel Flatware PVD Coatings

    With twins unbalanced MF magnetron sputtering deposition, can generate high uniform and high density decorative thin film: jet black, gold, rose, copper etc. colors are most welcomed by consumer.

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  • Bathroom fittings gold Plating machine,  Taps TiN gold, ZrN gold PVD plating machine on brass faucets

    Brass faucets, taps & bathroom fittings

    PVD coatings on chrome/Nickle plated brass faucets and Chrome ABS parts can increase the use life. Multiple colors can be generated.

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  • Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine

    Magnetron Sputtering Line Installation

    Innovative and constructive designs for the new application is achieved by a multi-chambers magnetron sputtering line. Film thickness is up to 7 microns.

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  • Cooper Magnetron Sputtering Coating Machine, Ceramic chips Copper thin film deposition Equipment

    Direct Plating Copper deposition

    It is an advanced coating process and technology applied with LED / semiconductor / electronic industries: Ceramic Radiating chips, Al2O3, AlN, Si, Glass substrates

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  • PVD Coating Service

    PVD Coating Service Outsource

    We and our globe customers can provide PVD coating service, contact us today for a FREE connection and guidance.

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Royal Technology provides turnkey PVD and PECVD vacuum coating solutions.
Thermal evaporation, PVD Arc coating, DC/ MF Magnetron Sputtering machines.


Established in 2006, 14 years stable stable growing corporation. We know how to achieve a win-win cooperation with global partners.


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Royal regards our staff as the most important asset & the best representatives.
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Office Plaza

Shanghai Royal Technology Inc. office located in No.819 Songwei North Road, Songjiang Industrial Zone

CNC manufacturing Center

We have 8 sets Manufacturing CNC machines for high precision fabrications

Welding Plant 1

The welding plant is seperated with CNC manufacturing centers. We have 6 professional welding technicians.

Welding Plant 2

Welding work platforms

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PVD protects the environment, saves the blue planet.

Royal Technology VACUUM DEPOSITION MACHINE manufacturer.
              ----Standardization, Precision, Stabilizaiton 


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