Multi950- Shanghai University- for R&D of transparent DLC, hard coatings

October 11, 2022

Latest company case about Multi950- Shanghai University- for R&D of transparent DLC, hard coatings

R&D Multiple-Functions Coating Equipment

Machine Model: Multi950-R&D

Technology: PVD+PECVD

Built Time: 2015
Location: Shanghai, China

Installation& Testing: 5 days

Commissioning & Training: 3 days



Design Features


1. Flexibility: Arc and sputtering cathodes, Ion source mounting flanges are standardized for flexible exchange;

2. Versatility: can deposit variety of base metals and alloys; optical coatings, hard coatings, soft coatings, compound films and solid lubricating films on the metallic and non-metallic materials substrates.

3. Straight forward design: 2-door structure, front & back opening for easy maintenance.




The Multi950 machine is a customized multiple functions vacuum deposition system for R&D. With half year’s discussion with Shanghai University’s team leaded by Professor Chen, we finally confirmed the design and configurations to fulfill theirs R&D applications. This system is able to deposit transparent DLC film with PECVD process, hard coatings on tools, and optical film with sputtering cathode. Based on this pilot machine design concept, we have developed 3 other coating systems after then:

1. Bipolar Plate Coating for Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles-RT1200-FCEV

2. Ceramic Direct Plated Copper- RT1200-DPC

3. Flexible Sputtering System- RTSP1200-PCB


These 4 models machine are all with Octal chamber, flexible and reliable performances are extensively used in various applications. It satisfy the coating processes require multi different metal layers: Al, Cr, Cu, Au, Ag, Ni, Sn, SS and many other non-feeromagnetic metals; plus the Ion source unit, efficiently enhance films adhesion on different substrate materials with its plasma etching performance and, the PECVD process to deposit some carbon-based layers.




                                     RT1200-DPC ( direct plating cooper on Ceramic/ Al2O3, AlN )




The Multi950 is the milestone of advanced design coating systems for Royal Tech. Here, we grateful thanks Shanghai University students and especially Process Yigang Chen, his creative and selfless dedication are unlimited values and inspired our team.


In year 2018, we had another project cooperation with Pressor Chen, the C-60 material deposition by Inductive thermal evaporation method. We appreciate Mr. Yimou Yang and Professor Chen's leading and instruction on every innovative project.





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