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October 11, 2022

Latest company case about RT1200-FCEV - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Bipolar Plates - Electrical Vehicle Industry

Machine Model: RT1200-FCEV

Technology: with PECVD + PVD Magnetron Sputtering Depositing: Si, Cr, Carbon targets, to generate Unbalanced closed magnetic field for high density, high uniformity and excellent corrosion resistance film’s deposition.

Built Time: 2016
Location: Shanghai, China

Installation& Testing: 3 days

Commissioning & Training: 7 days


This RT1200-FCEV high vacuum magnetron sputtering deposition system is a tailor made model which refer to the model Multi950-R&D which we have built for Shanghai University.


It is designed with Octal chamber, flexible and reliable performances are extensively used in various applications. It satisfy the coating processes require multi different metal layers: Ta, Cr, Si, Graphite, Al, Cr, Cu, Au, Ag, Ni, Sn, SS and many other non-feeromagnetic metals; plus the Ion source unit, efficiently enhance films adhesion on different substrate materials with its plasma etching performance and, the PECVD process to deposit some carbon-based layers.




Equipment Structure: Vertical orientation, octagonal structure, 2- doors (front and back opening) for easy access.
Equipment Features:
Environmentally friendly system, no hazardous wastes.
Total integration, modular design
Commercialized and standardized for industrial mass production
Extremely efficient ion source for strong adhesion and high ionization.
Easy Operation: Touch screen + PLC control, one touch operation
With Royal Tech software, process parameters can be prgrammed, saved and reproduced.
Special design of Carousel system for high uniformity deposition.
High productivity and stability, working 24/7 a week.
Flexible, matches to various sizes of plates, for single or double sides coating.


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