RT1400-PLUS- Turkey- Glassware/Ceramic/Crystal industries

October 10, 2022

Latest company case about RT1400-PLUS- Turkey- Glassware/Ceramic/Crystal industries

Machine Model: RT1400-PLUS

Coating Technology: PVD arc ion plating

Built Time: July 2021

Location: Turkey

Installation& Testing: 3 days

Commissioning & Training: online




You can never expect how excellent and fantastic of your customer’s team. This is an amazing project! Mr. Tevfik and his team spent 3 days to complete installation and testing of machine in his factory according to the Installation Manual and videos provided by Royal Technology.

Regarding to the training: the team studied our User Manual and Coating Processes saved in program, a perfect deal needs both parties great cooperation, this is the 1st project that our engineer did not onsite, not even an online supervision, customer’s team accomplished it themselves outstandingly.






Conventional gold coatings on glassware are by aluminum vacuum metallization combine the spraying painting line. In 2020, Royal Technology developed an advanced coating technology to generate 2-sides gold colors on glassware directly without spraying painting processes ( pre/post coatings), which is by ion plating technology- arc evaporation.


This coating method is completely get rid of the spraying paintings, environmentally friendly, green technology, besides it reduces the investment of production line and labor cost for manufacturers.


Except glassware, it also be applicable to ceramic, crystal, stone etc. materials.





Please contact us if you want to learn more about this technology and machine. 




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