RT1600--PAPVD (RT1600-LTAVD) - China- Automotive Injected Plastic Metallization

October 11, 2022

Latest company case about RT1600--PAPVD (RT1600-LTAVD) - China- Automotive Injected Plastic Metallization


SAY NO TO Hazards of heavy metal contamination



Machine Model: RT1600-PAPVD (RT1600-LTAVD)

Technology: Plasma Assistant PVD, Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition

Built Time: June 2020

Location: China

Application: injection plastic parts, engineer plastic material for medical and automotive industries.


Automotive industry is one typical application, “It is a disruptive coating method , we are so happy to say Good-bye to electropless process”, Mr. Woo said excitingly who provides the automotive plastic trims from Shanghai city.


Royal Technology provides an innovative PAPVD coating technology and equipment which can get rid of the electroless roughening process on engineering plastic parts.





Environmentally friendly
Deposited thickness is controllable
Stronger adhesion
Water consumption saiving
Lower cost of craftmanship
Short cycle time


RT1600-PAPVD is an exclusive designed machine, which is suitable for plastic materials: PPS, ABS, ABS+PC, PA, PEEK etc. Materials for medical industry, automotive industry etc.


LTAVD , Low Temperature Arc Vapor Deposition, also named as Low Temperature arc ion plating. It is applied with low temperature resistance plastic workpieces for decorative coatings:


Consumer electronics: cellphone, computer, television, cameras;

Home appliances: air conditioners, washing machine, vacuum cleaners

Bathroom and kitchen fixtures;

Automotive industry: plastic interior trims and exterior trims, LOGO




                     PVD Mirror                                                                                          PVD Matte 






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