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RTEP6600- China- Car Logo

October 11, 2022

Latest company case about RTEP6600- China- Car Logo

Large Size High Vacuum PMMA Plastic Aluminum Metallizing Machine

Machine Model: RTEP6600-C

Technology: PVD aluminum metallizing, resistance thermal evaporation

Location: China, Korea, Mexico

Installation& Testing: 3 days

Commissioning & Training: 7 days




When the customer showed us the finished billboard which they desired to have an alternative coating solutions with PVD method, we realized it’s going to be another innovative application for automotive industry.


The original product has a laminating thin semi-transparent film layer inside, it generated lots wasted film due to the complicated design of LOGOs.

The most important, the film’s peeling is an headache issue some whiles after LED lighting’s heating generation.


To solve this problem, we discussed the possibilities from technical views and made some experiments on original PMMA/PC sheets.

Its turned out to be an excellent result. When come-up to the machine’s design, we overcome key difficulties like how to guarantee the deposited film’s high uniformity-especially the LOGO corners, edges... how to control the thickness, film strong adhesion issue etc.
Thanks to Royal Technology’s R&D team and cleared all these problems successfully. We developed 4 models metallizing system to serve the worldwide coating services centers: South Korea, Mexico, and China domestic.


RTEP6600-C is a cubic deposition chamber which can coat the maximum size of “LINCOLN” BILLBOARD up to 6000mm length.



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                                    Testing before machine delivery 




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                            Installation in customer's workshop 


Anyone needs the coating service or interested in the vacuum coating machine, please contact us. 

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