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January 15, 2019

2018 ACETECH Exhibition in New Delhi


Shanghai Royal Technology presented the ACETECH exhibition in New Delhi PRAGATI MAIDAN from 13th till 16th . December 2018.

ACETECH exhibition offers the perfect platform for manufactures, material suppliers and technology developers to exhibit their products, services and technologies to the widest audience comprising architects, engineers, contractors, developers from across the country. The industries are: bath and sanitation, tiles and ceramics, decorative lighting, air conditioning and refrigeration, safety, security protection, doors and windows, furniture and kitchenware etc.



Our PVD vacuum coating technologies and PVD coating machines captured the manufacturers, contractors, developers huge interests. PVD majority property is: 100% environmentally friendly. “ PVD is going to be the trend, I hate water electroplating, it damages our water, our air, it is killing our human being by ruining our survival environment. PVD will be the future.” said Mr. Ramesh Bahl.



The multi arc and magnetron sputtering coating equipment are highly introduced to the bathroom fittings, doors & windows and decorative coatings on metals, glass products factories. We received extremely excellent responses from the visitors.



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