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May 8, 2018

Aluminum Oxide PVD Plating Copper System

    The DPC process- Direct Plating Copper is an advanced coating technology applied with LED / semiconductor / electronic industries. One typical application is Ceramic Radiating Substrate. Cooper conductive film deposition on Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3), AlN substrates by PVD vacuum sputtering technology, compared with traditional manufacturing

methods: DBC LTCC HTCC, much lower production cost is its high feature.

Royal technology team assisted our customer to developed the DPC process successfully with PVD sputtering technology.


Keywords: Ceramic sealing parts, DPC process, Copper PVD Sputtering system, LED Ceramic Chips With Cooper Plating, Al2O3, AlN Ceramic Circuit Boards, Al2O3 Plates On LED, Semiconductor


Applications of DPC: 


· Substrates for solar concentrator cells 

· Power semiconductor packaging including automotive motor control

· Hybrid and electric automobile power management electronics

· Packages for RF 

· Microwave devices 


DPC Technology Performance 
Various substrate materials: Ceramic (Al3O2, AlN), Glass, and Si

  • Much lower production cost. 
  • Outstanding thermal management and heat-transfer performance
  • Accurate alignment and pattern design
  • Robust metallization adhesion 



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