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PECVD + PVD in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Application

May 8, 2018

Latest company news about PECVD + PVD in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Application

       FCV is the short name of Fuel Cell Vehicles, it is with the newest technology for next generation of green cars. It is different from the primary battery such as dry cell and rechargeable battery that needs to repeat charging, and 100% environmentally friendly.


      The core technology is how to generate the electrical energy with fuel cell power module through electrochemical reaction between hydrogen as fuel and oxygen. Scientists, engineers, professors from transportation organizations and worldwide vehicles manufactures have made thousands tests and finally developed the proper processing.


Royal Technology has been working closely with customers in the past 3 years and successfully designed and fabricated the high efficiency, commercialized and standardized sputtering deposition system. We believe this technology will absolutely disruptive change the vehicles industry.


The RTSP1213 machine is a batch model sputtering system, can deposits various hard coatings, soft coatings, compound films and solid lubricating films on the metallic and non-metallic materials substrates. Applied to industries of Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles, photonics products, aerospace and other new energy industries.



To improve the conductivity of surface;

High corrosion resistance;

High wear resistance;

High hardness

Hydrophobic composition film and other functional films

Available for compound coatings: metallic and non-metallic films.

Film thickness range from 100nm to 12μm, thickness tolerance ±5%

Strong adhesion.

Low tempering parts surface hardening treatment.



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