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November 13, 2019

PVD machine's maintenance in Ukraine

Machine's Model:  RTAC1416,  cathodic arc sources evaporation for decorative coatings. 

Machine's installation:  April 2018

Location: zaporizhzhia, Ukraine

Customer Website:  



After Poland's machine assemble, we went to Ukraine's customer site directly for the maintenance training and new coating process's R&D. 

In Ukraine, no electroplating line is allowed to use, there is strictly policy by gonverment to protect the environment.  So our customer has been doing the R&D experiments with PVD plating + Base/Top coating by spraying painting process on zamak (zinc alloy) door handles and door handle plates. 
One and half year has passed, what is the testing result? Are they ready for market promotion?  What the main issue they are facing now?  How we can assist them to solve the bottleneck?... with tons of questions, we arrived Ukraine's factory and guess what we found out?


       PVD copper deposition film 


      PVD black, bronze,antique-brass colors. 


The coating process is: Lacquer--PVD color--Lacquer.  Except deep black color can not be done, other colors are very good finishing. 

We are so happy to see this result. 


On 29th. 30th, Sep. our engineer Mr. Shi and customer's PVD technician has cleaned the machine completely:

1.  All pumps oil change

2. All vacuum pipes clean

3. Checking any exposion of water and gas tubes

4. Checking all vacuum fittings and sealings 

5. Cleaning the heaters, chamber shields, arc cathodes, rotary rack etc. 


"What an amazing evacuation speed after cleaning!  Before the first cycle is more than 40 minutes, now, only 10 mins, the vacuum pressure is up to 9.0E-3Pa.  Thank you so much for the job" said Mr. Sergey.  


  vacuum pipe cleaning



 Vacuum pumps oil change


 Deposition Chamber's cleaning 


Except theris own door handles coating, Mr. Sergey also receive the PVD outsourcing service, like: glass cups, glass vase, stainless steel products etc. 


  ZrN gold coating

  TiO rainbow coating

 glass cup black color





Anyone is interested in the PVD coating service nearby  or in Ukraine, please contact us for connect with Mr. Sergey. 







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