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PVD Makes Life Easier and Simpler

May 8, 2018

Latest company news about PVD Makes Life Easier and Simpler

PVD coating technology has made our life is much better and more convenient. Its typically application is in consumer electronics products:  telephones, digital camers, surveillance, computer and laptop, communication and telecom products, TVs and Videos products, drones and robtics, home electronics, in-car electronics etc. 



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The PVD coating films on electronics products:


Plastic part decorations
Circuit Board 

fasteners,screws. metal parts decoration

Camera Lens -- Optical Coating


 1. EMI and NCVM
PVD technology has been widely used for aesthetic applications on product surface treatment. Royal Technology has developed functional coatings for consumer electronics products: EMI shielding ( Electromegnetic Interference) and NCVM ( Non-Conductive Vacuum Metalizing ) Equipment.
NCVM process are majoy applied with Mobile Phones, Laptop, Ipad, Computer and other electronic products. It gives a metallic coating surface, but non-conductive property to avoid from affecting the communication quality of eletromegnetic wave.
EMI process is specially designed for various electronic devices to avoid from interference of electromagnetic. Both thermal evaporation & sputtering processes could achieve high efficiency and good uniformity of coating thickness.


2. Electronic 3D parts decorative coating

by thermal evaporation and magnetron sputtering to generate high reflection thin film
Substrates: Metal alloy, plastic


3. Circuit Board  
Combined arc plating and magnetron sputtering techniques, we can get metal conduction film on various chips materials: ceramic, glass, copper, stainless steel etc.
Deposition materials: Au, Ag, Al, Cu, Cr, Ti, Al, Sn, In and TiN, TiC, CrN TilAl.


4. Fasteners,screws, metal parts decoration




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