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Top 5 things to remember for year of 2021

January 26, 2022

Latest company news about Top 5 things to remember for year of 2021

                                                      Top 5 things to remember for year of 2021


No. 1: The first machine to take the airplane
Machine Model: RTAS1000

Machine Application: Watch components black DLC coatings

Location: Swiss
Built Time: December 2021


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, overseas freight by sea shipment has been increasing over 10 times than before; the worse things are: uncertain shipping date and long time reservation...So our first machine which took the airplane carrier was born!!! Yes, by the giant Russian Airplane company, they delivered the machine ( the biggest package is up to 4000mm long and 2500mm high) to our customer’s workshop within 10 days only. It is absolutely unbelievable shipping costs, however, TIME, TIME, TIME, time is the MONEY!

Thanks for the great efforts and supports from the professional shipping agency!


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No. 2: The machine which has the shortest installation time

Machine Model: RTAC1400

Machine Application: 2-sides gold coating on glassware

Location: Turkey
Built Time: July 2021

Me: “Tev. Please take a video and photos for the machine’s installation situation, we’d better ask our engineer to have an online supervision during your work.”

Tev: “Hi, Zhou, we have completed the installation process and,we have tested the machine and made the first cycle of coating.”

Me: “What? It’s already completed? Only 3 days? How could you finish the installation so fast?”

Tev:”Yes, my dear, 18 hrs on Friday, 16 hrs on Saturday and 17 hrs on Sunday, by 1 technician, 1 PVD master, 4 workers and Me! But please do not worry, everything works, your whole team is perfect, we have never seen a company that works so cleanly, the machine is built so beautiful and all are well coded, we love it so much. Marvelous really! Love your job!”

Alright, that is a so high comments for our team, and it is really amazing. 3 days of installation is do normal for our PVD technician, but for a team who only installed it refer to the videos/installation manuals we provided, really so fast! Remarkable! Of course, we have prepared every details so carefully before delivery, to make the installation work is much more easier.

Highly appreciate Royal Tech's and customer’s teams hard working on this project! Love you guys! Thumb Up!


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No. 3: Two months and Three days to finalized the project

Machine Model: RTSP1400

Machine Application: Aluminum alloy vehicle wheels PVD chrome sputtering coating

Location: India
Built Time: October 2021


“I have been working for the overseas marketing for 12 years and Mr. Tarun is the customer I have never ever met to make the decision so fast”, said Ms. Zhou Xin, the marketing director of Royal Tech.

It is the highest award when having customer’s trust, for certain, that we would reward the customer’s trust with our good quality products and continuous services support.


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No. 4: The 1st set Anti-Bacterial Coating Machine

Machine Model: RT-AntiBac1400

Machine Application: Antibacterial coatings on stainless steel kitchenware
Built Time: June 2021


The 1st set PVD Anti-Bacterial coating machine was well delivered to customer, it was installed and finished training with our Iranian engineer’s assistance onsite.

After Covid-19, this was the first project that our Foreign engineer Mr. Ali has completed the job successfully independently. “His professional training and technologies of PVD coatings, production management experiences impressed us, thanks for his great performance.” Said the PVD production manager of SI company.


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No. 5: Tunisia, we are coming!


In October, 2021 we signed the contract with a Tunisian company who produces sanitary ware. This is going to be our first PVD vacuum coating machine would be installed in Tunisia! Hope the advanced coating technologies bring more efficient values to products and a more comfortable life to end consumers.


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Bye for now and See you in 2022 Chinese Tiger Year!

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