Parylene Coating Equipment On Medical Instrument, Chemical Vapor Deposition Machine, Parylene Nano Coating
Parylene Coating Equipment On Medical Instrument, Chemical Vapor Deposition Machine, Parylene Nano Coating
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: ROYAL
Certification: CE
Model Number: RT-Parylene Coating- CVD-3
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Medical Instrument Parylene Coating Equipment


Thin Film Parylene Coating Equipment


Nano Parylene Coating Equipment

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 10 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 20 sets per month
Thickness: 0.1~100 Microns
Parylene Coating Properties: To Increase The Strength And Temperature Insulation, Abrasion Proof, Chemical Resistance (diluted Chemical), Corrosion-resistant.
Medical Applicaitons: Acupuncture Needles, Brain Pacemaker, Heart, Medical Catheter, Occluder, Stent
Product Description

Royal Technology provides polymer coating service and coating equipment for  waterproof coatings with Parylene nano film.  Parylene coating technology is widely used in aerospace, precious relics, silicone rubber, seals, magnetic materials, MEMS, circuit boards, sensors, biomedical and other fields. Parylene-coated product can increase the strength and temperature insulation, abrasion proof, chemical resistance (diluted chemical), corrosion-resistant. Our equipment are presently being used by many large enterprises all over the world.


What is parylene?

It is a transparent and colorless polyester protective material. It is suitable for vacuum coating at room temperature, and the vacuum coating pressure is below 10-5 Torr, while the Parylene coating process is about 0.1 Torr. The thickness of the coating can be controlled between 1-100 microns. The coating is a patent developed by the United States in the early 1960s. It was first applied to the field of microelectronic components for US military printed circuit boards, aerospace and underwater launch devices, 1972 Included in the U.S. military standards in:



Micro and nano processing technology: chemical vapor deposition (CVD)


Put the powdered nano-materials into the evaporation chamber of the vacuum nano-coating equipment, and evaporate into gaseous molecules at a temperature of 150℃-180℃. Under the action of vacuum (1.0*10-2torr), the gaseous nanomolecules below 10nm enter into the cracking In the cracking chamber, the high temperature at 680°C-700°C is cracked into reactive monomers, and the active monomers and monomers are re-polymerized to form a dense and pinhole-free nano-film layer.




1.Circuit board coating


2.Magnetic Materials


3. Medical Instruments:


Parylene can provide a non-reactive, inert, high-temperature resistant, insulating, rust-proof and pinhole-free protective barrier. It is FDA compliant and suitable for a variety of applications, such as bone nails, temporary surgical instruments, replacement devices, catheters, brakes , Probes, pacemakers, vascular stents, needles and cochlear implants. Disposable medical supplies, hygiene products (paper gloves, waterproof paper sleeves, etc.).


Parylene Coating Equipment On Medical Instrument, Chemical Vapor Deposition Machine, Parylene Nano Coating 0


4. LED outdoor lighting


5. Silicone Rubber Use 


6. Sensors


7.Historical Rlics, Fragile cultural relics, specimens, etc. can be reinforced and protected with Parylene to extend their life. 


Technical Specifications


Active Volume of the Cavity: 300*300mm

Floor Space: 2300*1500*1050mm

Total power: 6KW


Parylene Coating Characteristics


  • Good moisture-proof and waterproof effect can withstand salt spray
  • Ultra-thin insulation layer can withstand high voltage
  • No deflation suitable for space and aerospace applications
    Comply with U.S. military standard MIL I-46058C
  • Bio-compatibility meets FDA (Class VI)
  • Good dry lubricity
  • Strong penetration can penetrate into the bottom of SMD devices
  • Fix surface debris to prevent particle contamination and dust proof effect
  • Mass rolling coating reduces costs
  • Optically transparent
  • Can resist acid and alkali corrosion
  • Can resist low temperature (-200 ~ 450 ℃)
  • Moth-proof and mildew-proof, suitable for protection of cultural relics
  • Parylene nano coating can achieve complete, continuous and pinhole-free





Please contact us for more specifications, Royal Technology is honored to provide you total coating solutions. 


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