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EMI Shielding Coating Machine, Cellphone Case EMI Shielding Coatings

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EMI Shielding Coating Machine, Cellphone Case EMI Shielding Coatings
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Chamber: Vertical Orientation, 2-doors
Material: Stainless Steel 304/316
Vacuum Technology: Resistance Thermal Evaporation + DC Magnetron Sputtering
Deposition Sources: Tungsten Wire, Planar Sputtering Cathodes
Coating Films: EMI Shielding
Industrial Applications: Consume Electronics Plastic Parts
Factory Location: Shanghai City, China
Worldwide Service: Poland - Europe; Iran- West Asia & Middle East, Turkey, India, Mexico- South America
Training Service: Machine Operation, Maintenance, Coating Process Recipes, Program
Warranty: Limited Warranty 1 Year For Free, Whole Life For Machine
Warranty: Limited Warranty 1 Year For Free, Whole Life For Machine
OEM & ODM: Available, We Support Tailor Made Design And Fabrication
OEM & ODM: Available, We Support Tailor Made Design And Fabrication
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thin film coating equipment


dlc coating equipment

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: ROYAL
Certification: CE
Model Number: RT1616-EMI
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 12 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 6 sets per month
Product Description

Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI)Shielding Metalizer Applications:

Electronic Industry like cell phone case, laptop cases, radar speed measurement instruments, car video components etc.
Other Industries Need Electric Magnetic Interference Shielding Function

Substrate Materials: ABS, PC, PC+ABS, Plastic Etc.

EMI Shielding Film Properties

  1. Film thickness : 1.5 ~ 3 microns depends on the requirement.
  2. Film resistance: (ohm) better than 0.5Ω
  3. Adhesion: 3M810 tape > 5B

EMI shielding film coating process

  1. DC Sputtering Stainless Steel
  2. Copper deposition by Thermal Evaporation
  3. DC Sputtering Stainless Steel, full cover on Cu film layer.

EMI Shielding Coatings by PVD vacuum solution
EMI Shielding Coating Machine, Cellphone Case EMI Shielding Coatings 0


RT1616-EMI Vacuum Metalizing Machine is specially designed for EMI shielding thin film deposition which widely used in telecommunication devices, computers, notebooks, consumer electronics, home appliance, aerospace and military items.


Finishes are deposited using an environmentally friendly green process, pollution free;
High Efficiency
Excellent uniformity.
High volume production
Low cost, ideal solution for mass production demand
High Yield, up to 98%
Thickness can be controlled

Design Features

1) 2-door structure and fast pumping speed for a high productivity
2) Operating friendly touch screen panel with PLC control
3)Humanity friendly software program design for stable production and high quality.
4) High sputtering target utilization rate ensure a low production cost.
5) Good uniformity & Excellent adhesion
6) Advanced design concept for a better performance to enhance production efficiency and qualified rate.
7) Ion source device for plasma cleaning and surface activity treatment to improve adhesion.
8) High-vacuum pumping time cut by 25% to 75% by Polycold – water vapor cryopump.

Polycold also named as Water Vapor Cryopump, effectively captures water vapor which comprises 65% to 95% of the residual gas in Hi-vac systems. Water vapor is typically the most reactive contamination present With Polycold, you can expect to increase product throughput in your existing system 20% to 100% and improve quality of deposition.

  1. High-vacuum pumping time cut by 25% to 75%
  2. Increased product throughput of 20% to 100%;
  3. Typical payback times of less than one year;
  4. Lower water vapor partial pressure during processing for higher film quality, better adhesion and more reproducible deposition.

EMI Shielding Coating Machine, Cellphone Case EMI Shielding Coatings 1


  • Vertical orientation, Cylinder, 2-doors structure, front opening.

Technical Specifications:

  • Performance
  1. Ultimate Vacuum Pressure: better than 5.0×10-6Torr.
  2. Operating Vacuum Pressure: 1.0×10-4Torr
  3. Pumping down Time: from 1 atm to 1.0×10-4Torr≤5 minutes ( room temperature, dry, clean and empty chamber)
  4. Metalizing material ( evaporation): Stainless Steel, Copper
  5. Operating Model: Full Automatically /Semi-Auto/ Manually
  • Structure

The vacuum coating machine contains key completed system listed below:

  1. Vacuum Chamber

1.1 Size: Inner Diameter 1600mm

Inner Height: 1600mm

Useful Height: 1265mm

Total Height: 1420mm

1.2 Materials: Vacuum Chamber SUS304

Door and flanges SUS304

Chamber strengthen structure: SS41 mild steel, with painted finishing surface treatment.

Chamber chassis SS41 mild steel with painted finishing surface treatment.

1.3 Sputtering and Evaporation Shield : SUS304

1.4 View Window: on chamber doors

1.5 Vacuum Chamber Venting Valve (including silencer)

1.6 Door: SUS304 material Diameter 1600mm Inner Height: 1600mm

1.7 Deposition Driving System: Central driving max. 1400mm*1265mm

1.8 Driving Motor: 1/2HP

1.9 Evaporation Power: 1 set/door

DC Sputtering Power: 1 set

Sputtering Cathode size: 125*1400mm


  1. Roughing Vacuum Pumping System

2.1 Oil sealed Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump – Leybold

a: Pumping speed: 640 m³/hr

2.2 Roots Pump – Leybold

a: Pumping speed:4400 m³/hr

2.3 Roughing Vacuum Valve: pneumatic model

2.4 Vacuum Piping Line: 6” & 8” SUS304 material

2.5 Vacuum Venting Valve: 3/8” electromagnetic model


  1. High Vacuum Pumping System

3.1 Oil diffusion pump: RTDP-36

  1. Pumping speed: 40000L/S
  2. Ultimate Vacuum Pressure: better than 10-7Torr.
  3. Heating Power: 3Phase, 21KW.
  4. Oil consumption: 9 liters

3.2 Cold trap: 36” , water cooling against oil stream back

3.3 High Vacuum Valve: pneumatic

3.4 Fore-line Valve: pneumatic


  1. Electrical Control and Operation System

4.1 Main circuit: None-fuse breaker switch, electromagnetic switch,
C/T in series type

4.2 Evaporation Power

4.3 Evaporation Control System

4.4 Sputtering Power, DC model

4.5 Control System: PLC +Touch Screen Auto/Manually

4.6 Operation System: Touch Screen + Display

4.7 Vacuum Pressure Measuring System

Vacuum Gauge: Leybold Center Two – 1 set

Full Range Gauge: 760 Torr ~ 10-7 Torr – 1 set

4.8 Alarm System:

Compressed air pressure is lower: alarm sound

Cooling water flow is lower: alarm sound

Mis-operation: alarm sound

4.9 Power Load Indicator: Voltage indicator and load current indicator


  1. Sub-System

5.1 Air Compressed Valve Control System

5.2 Cooling Water System: Water flow pipe and switch valve system

5.3 Polycold (-120~-145℃) Cryopump – 1 set

Model: MaxCool- 2500L

Maximum load:: 2500W

Pumping speed: 14000L/S.


  1. Deposition System

6.1 Sputtering Source

  1. Sputtering Target” 125mm*1400mm* 12~14mm – 1 set
  2. Shutter – 1 set
  3. Mass Flow Controller: Ar gas – 1 set
  4. Sputtering Power Supply: DC 60KW – 1 set

6.2 Evaporation Sources

  1. Tungsten evaporation sources
  2. Evaporation Power Supply: 20kVA
  3. Ion source device and power supply
  4. Working Environment

Compressed Air: 5~8kg/cm2

Cooling Water: Water-In Temperature: 20~25℃, 200 Liter/min,
Water-In Pressure: 2~3 kg/cm2

Power: 3 Phase 380V 50Hz(60Hz), 160kVA

Installation Area: (L*W*H) 6500*5500*2700mm

Exhaust: Vent for mechanical pumps

We have been endeavored to design and develop the most suitable coating processes for different 3D parts, which meet our customer production requirements. So we provide total coating solutions for EMI coating.

If customized coating system is required, please share your thoughts and ideas with our team and submit your products specifications, we will work together to sort out the best solutions.


Please contact us for more specifications, Royal Technology is honored to provide you total coating solutions.




Please contact us for more specifications, Royal Technology is honored to provide you total coating solutions.

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