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Ceramicware PVD Rainbow Color Coatings For Glassware And Stainless Steel And ABS

Ceramicware PVD Rainbow Color Coatings For Glassware And Stainless Steel And ABS
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PVD Coating Applications: Watches, Jewelry, Etc. Luxury Metal Accessories
PVD Coating Properties: Scratch Resistance, Exceptional Hardness, Low Coefficient Of Friction, Good Chemical Resistance, Biocompatible, Excellent Aesthetic Appeal,
PVD Coating Technology: Combination Of Cathodic Arc Deposition And Magnetron Sputtering
PVD Coating Advantages: Environmentally Friendly, Durability, Aesthetic Versatility, And Cost-effectiveness
Training Service: Machine Operation, Maintenance, Coating Process Recipes, New Coating Recipes R&D
Applied Materials: Titanium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Brass Alloy Etc.
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ABS PVD Coating Machine


PVD Rainbow Color Coatings For Glassware


Ceramicware PVD Rainbow Color Coatings

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: SHANGHAI, CHINA
Certification: CE
Model Number: RTAC
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 12~14 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets/month
Product Description

PVD Techniques for Rainbow Color Generation.


Normally, we generate the PVD rainbow colors by cathodic arc or magnetron sputtering techniques through

Titanium targets and Oxygen gas. The film is TiO.



Arc Plating: Arc plating, also known as cathodic arc deposition, involves the use of an electric arc to vaporize the coating material. In this process, a high-current arc is struck between a cathode target (consisting of the coating material) and an anode. The arc vaporizes the target material, creating a plasma plume. The plasma plume is then directed towards the substrate, where it condenses and forms a coating.


To achieve rainbow colors using arc plating, multiple cathodes made of different materials or compositions are used. Each cathode is responsible for depositing a specific layer in the coating stack. By sequentially activating and deactivating the cathodes during the deposition process, different layers with varying properties and thicknesses are deposited, leading to the rainbow effect. The specific layering sequence and deposition parameters are carefully controlled to produce the desired color palette and visual appearance.


Sputtering: Sputtering is another widely used technique in PVD processes. It involves bombarding a target material with high-energy ions in a low-pressure gas environment. The ion bombardment dislodges atoms from the target, which then travel in a straight line and deposit onto the substrate.

To create rainbow coatings using sputtering, a similar approach to arc plating can be employed. Multiple targets made of different materials or compositions are used, and each target is responsible for depositing a specific layer in the coating stack. By sequentially sputtering the different targets, the various layers are built up, resulting in the rainbow effect. The control of the sputtering process parameters, such as power, pressure, and gas composition, is crucial for achieving the desired coloration and visual effects.


In both arc plating and sputtering, the precise control of deposition parameters, such as layer thickness, composition, and sequence, is essential to produce the desired rainbow colors. The exact layering scheme and materials used may vary between manufacturers, as proprietary techniques and formulations are often developed to achieve specific visual effects.


It's important to note that both arc plating and sputtering methods require specialized equipment and expertise to carry out the deposition process under controlled conditions. These techniques are widely used in industries such as decorative coatings, jewelry, automotive accessories, and architectural applications to achieve visually appealing and vibrant rainbow finishes.

Ceramicware PVD Rainbow Color Coatings For Glassware And Stainless Steel And ABS 0


PVD rainbow coating applications:


PVD rainbow coatings find applications in various industries where a visually striking and colorful appearance is desired. Some common applications include:


Jewelry: PVD rainbow coatings are popular in the jewelry industry. They are used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, providing a vibrant and iridescent finish. Rainbow coatings can add a unique and eye-catching element to precious metals and gemstones.


Watches: Many watch manufacturers utilize PVD rainbow coatings to create captivating and luxurious timepiece designs. The rainbow effect adds a dynamic and sophisticated look to watch cases, dials, and straps, making them stand out as fashion accessories.


Automotive Accessories: PVD rainbow coatings are applied to automotive accessories such as trim pieces, emblems, and wheels. These coatings add a touch of color and shine to the vehicle's exterior, allowing for customization and personalization options.


Architectural Accents: In architectural design, PVD rainbow coatings can be used on various metal surfaces, including door handles, handrails, and decorative fixtures. They provide a visually appealing and modern aesthetic, giving architectural elements a unique and vibrant appearance.


Consumer Electronics: PVD rainbow coatings are employed in the consumer electronics industry to enhance the visual appeal of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The coatings can be applied to metallic components, giving them a colorful and eye-catching finish.


Fashion Accessories: Rainbow coatings are also utilized in fashion accessories like belt buckles, handbag hardware, and eyewear frames. These coatings add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to the accessories, making them stand out in the fashion industry.


Cosmetics Packaging: PVD rainbow coatings are sometimes used in the packaging of cosmetics, such as perfume bottles and cosmetic containers. The coatings provide a high-end and visually pleasing appearance, contributing to the overall branding and consumer experience.


It's worth noting that the applications of PVD rainbow coatings are not limited to the examples mentioned above. The versatility and visually appealing nature of these coatings make them suitable for various other industries and products where a stunning and colorful finish is desired.


PVD Rainbow Coating Machine Specifications


Description RTAC1000 RTAC1200 RTAC1400 RTAC1600


Standard Applications

Medical & beauty instruments, pen, watches, glass beads, small size products Door handles, safe and locks, eyewear, fasteners, consumer electronic metal parts Sanitary ware, bathroom fixtures, glassware of medium size

Faucets, plumbings,

furniture components, metal lamps, for high volume products

Deposition Chamber


φ1000 * H800

φ1200 * H1500


φ1400 * H1600

φ1600 * H1800


Maximum Loading


500 800 800 1000

Central Driving

Effective Coating Area (mm)


6: φ760*H1100

8: φ700*H1100

6: φ835*H1200

8: φ905*H1200


8: φ900*H1500


Planetary Driving

Effective Coating Area (mm)


6: φ320*H1100

8: φ260*H1100

6: φ370*H1200

8: φ300*H1200

8: φ350*H1400

10: φ290*H1400


Pulsed Bias Power


24 24 36 48
Circular Arc Cathode (sets) 6 14 14 18
High Vacuum Pumps 1*Turbo Molecular Pump 2 * Turbo Molecular Pumps

1* Diffusion Pump or

3* Turbo Molecular Pumps

2* Diffusion Pumps or

4* Turbo Molecular Pumps

Backing Pumps 1*SV300B + 1*WAU501+ 1*TRP36 2*SV300B+1*WAU1001+1*TRP48 2*SV300B+1*WAU2001+1*TRP60 1*SV630BF+1*WAU2001+1*TRP90

Support and Services:

PVD Vacuum Coating Machine Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for our PVD Vacuum Coating Machine. Our experts are available 24/7 to provide assistance with installation, trouble-shooting, and repair. We use advanced diagnostic tools to ensure that all components are working properly, and we provide timely and comprehensive customer service.

We offer a variety of training options to help you get the most out of our products. Our training program covers everything from basic operation to advanced maintenance techniques. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive library of user manuals and instructional videos.

We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide assistance.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for PVD Vacuum Coating Machine:

The PVD Vacuum Coating Machine is securely and safely packaged in multiple layers of protective material, using the latest in technology and engineering. This ensures that the product is not damaged during the packing and shipping process.

The PVD Vacuum Coating Machine is shipped using a reliable courier service that is tracked and insured. The delivery time depends on the destination, but is usually delivered within 5 to 7 working days.

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