RTAC1200-Iran- Door Handles PVD Ion Plating Machine

October 11, 2022

Latest company case about RTAC1200-Iran- Door Handles PVD Ion Plating Machine

Machine Model: RTAC1200

Location: Iran, China, India, Ukraine, Thailand etc.

Installation& Commissioning: 14 days
Technology: PVD arc plating, AntiBacterial coatings by PVD (Advanced technology developed in year of 2020)

Security locks door handles as important consumption of our daily life, consumers and manufactures are more focusing on the creative design & surface treatment process. PVD finish is more welcomed due to its low production cost, environmentally friendly, extremely durable, highly brilliant, and guaranteed for life against tarnishing advantages.

PVD is short name for Physical Vapor Deposition. This process creates a ionized thin films to the products resulting in the most durable finish available today. Products with PVD finish will not corrode, discolor, or tarnish.

With PVD finished last longer life time, can pass the Neutral salt spray test over 200 hours.



                            RTAC1200  with Turbo Molecular Pumps - Located in Iran 



                        RTAC1400 with Oil Difussion Pump - Located in China 





In 2020, we developed the AntiBacterial Coating machine by PVD used for door handles, faucets, ceramic tiles etc. frequently touched items in public places. 




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