RTSP900- Poland-Automotive Wheels Chrome Plating

October 11, 2022

Latest company case about RTSP900- Poland-Automotive Wheels Chrome Plating


PVD chrome plating on automotive wheels


Machine Model: RTSP900
Capacity: 1 set / cycle 

Coating Technology: PVD Magnetron Sputtering

Built Time: November 2019

Location: Poland




Never too old to learn! It is a well-know saying. Michal’s experience on the PVD exactly shows how talented he is.

Before seeing the machine, he had no any idea or concept what is PVD, how is it working, how to operate the machine.

Michal and Pawel stayed in Royal technology factory only 3 working days to receive the training of operation & maintenance before machine’s delivery.

On the 1st day: to watch Royal’s engineer’s operation of car wheels coating with Aluminum/Chrome and SS targets

On the 2nd day: to learn structure of machine, key components and maintenance, trouble shootings, HMI program pages: vacuum pumps, sputtering cathodes, power supplies, MFC, vacuum gauges etc. 

On the 3rd day: to operate the machine himself: vacuum/venting manually and automatically;  sputtering deposition manually/ automatically, how to open and close the machine,  auto-shutdown the  machine etc. 








Due to the epidemic’s outbreak becoming a globe serious situation, our Engineer is unable to go to Poland to provide the installation service.

On March 6, 2020, we decided to supervise customer online and assistthem to finish the assemble, testing, commissioning steps.

From 1PM till 5PM, the customer with our engineer’s online instruction & supervision, the machine started
working and made 2 cycles testing.



A very happy and successful cooperation, great thanks to Mr. Pawel and Michael's excellent work, thanks for your completely support and understands.


The most greatest thing is a gratifying result had been achieved because in August of 2020, Michal wrote Email to us and thanked to our good machine :”Zhou, I am rich now, full of $$$ cash in my pockets. Lots of orders, sometimes I had to work 12 hrs and 7 days a week! The machine has been running without any problem. ”




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