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Aluminum Oxide PVD Plating Copper System

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I am appreciate Royal's excellent cooperation for my ODM project. From first touch till finished product, only 6 months, amazing quality & service!

—— Mr. Wu

Royal has built 3 sets machine for our lab. R&D applications. Theirs patience, fast response and knowledge are remarkable, great cooperation always.

—— Professor Chen

Royal provided us the ODM CsI coating machine successfully. We continued to purchased the other four sets within 2 years, excellent team!

—— Mr. Lee

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Aluminum Oxide PVD Plating Copper System

Aluminum Oxide PVD Plating Copper System

    The DPC process- Direct Plating Copper is an advanced coating technology applied with LED / semiconductor / electronic industries. One typical application is Ceramic Radiating Substrate. Cooper conductive film deposition on Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3), AlN substrates by PVD vacuum sputtering technology, compared with traditional manufacturing

methods: DBC LTCC HTCC, much lower production cost is its high feature.

Royal technology team assisted our customer to developed the DPC process successfully with PVD sputtering technology.


Keywords: Ceramic sealing parts, DPC process, Copper PVD Sputtering system, LED Ceramic Chips With Cooper Plating, Al2O3, AlN Ceramic Circuit Boards, Al2O3 Plates On LED, Semiconductor


Applications of DPC: 


· Substrates for solar concentrator cells 

· Power semiconductor packaging including automotive motor control

· Hybrid and electric automobile power management electronics

· Packages for RF 

· Microwave devices 


DPC Technology Performance 
Various substrate materials: Ceramic (Al3O2, AlN), Glass, and Si

  • Much lower production cost. 
  • Outstanding thermal management and heat-transfer performance
  • Accurate alignment and pattern design
  • Robust metallization adhesion 



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