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November 27, 2019

Poland Customer receives the Training before Machine's delivery

Within a short 3 days training to our Poland customer, unbelievable the customer can operate the machine independently. They are extremely exciting when seeing the first car wheel’s testing come out. “ Super, so nice!” from Michael and Pawel’s comments.

Please click the image below for a video watching.



“Your machine’s program is so easy for new learners, very easy to understand and operate. Especially the automatically operation model, amazing and very good for us”, said Mr. Michael.


Machine’s delivery on time means only 50% work is done, the most important is know -how to transfer the technology and operations training to the end user. Royal Technology’s professional team is supporting every customer in back to guarantee a fast investment turn back after machine’s installation insite.


Please contact us if you are interested in the car wheel PVD chrome plating service from Europe. We will get you connected with our customer.

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