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PVD Coatings in Automotive Industry - Application

May 8, 2018

Latest company news about PVD Coatings in Automotive  Industry - Application

In nowadays, in view of global technology industry, it's quite important for all manufacturers to develop and find the best coating solutions to improve products quality and saving production cost, plus, have to take care of our environment.
Especially in vehicles industry, as an essential transporation tool of human being, it is an indispensable part of our daily life. So how to solve “energy shortage - petrol”
“ Petrol's burning CO2 and hazard gas out, bring pollution to our planet” “ high production costs” issues. Thanks PVD coating technology, which has been solved these problems and improving this bad situation.

PVD technology has been widely used in various parts of vehicles manufacturing process, please review below image and learn what Royal Tec can provides you:


1. Vacuum Metalizing Equipment
A: Automotive Lighting Reflectors
B: Exterior & Interior Trims, handles
C: Automotive LOGO LED board
D: Bezels and bumpers


2. PVD Hard Chrome Sputtering System


A: Car Wheels
B: Car Mirrors



3. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sputtering System in the FCV industry
  with PECVD + PVD Technology 


latest company news about PVD Coatings in Automotive  Industry - Application  0

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