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Safety tips to stay away from the corona-virus

February 25, 2020

Latest company news about Safety tips to stay away from the corona-virus

                                    A Letter for All of Our  Globe Valuable Customers & Friends 


Royal technology team has sent this letter one by one to all of our prospectives which recorded in our list.  The ones who are not receive our email, please refer to the below tips. 



Dear All,
Good day,

We are keeping an eye of the corona-virus situation everyday,  it has spread and transmitted fast in globe, we would like to remind you please pay more attentions My personal suggestion based on our experience:
( YOU MUST START THE PROTECTION REGULATIONS IMMEDIATELY EVEN WITHOUT GOVT'S WARNING, INSTRUCTIONS, we China has paid so much bloody cost and please do not let the same disaster happen in other countries, just copy what our China's action, it would be an efficient result.)
How to against the Corona-Virus personally at home and in Factory
3.1 In your factory, please set the inspection shields and must have all workers body temperatures meassurement 2~3 times a day;
Everyone wearing medical face mask; public areas daily cleaning with disinfection agency that kill virus (especially the elevator, dinning room, door handles, desks, printers etc.
Gloves, glasses which are water-mouth's resistance.
Workers gathered around is must forbidden, everyone has a separated working area no less than 2.5sqm .
3.2 At home, do not let the families go out to public areas unless the very emergency condition: buying more glossaries at one time.
Home is the most safest place.
Daily cleaning and personally cleaning's works: washing hands frequently, do not touch nose, eyes before washing hands.
The most important tip: in public area, when wearing mask, do not use hands to swap sweats to touch nose, eyes!!! Always wash your hands after you remove your mask.

Many countries are still not aware of how strong of transmission for this virus, sigh... this is the most dangerous thing!
We must trust scientist and take actions to protect ourselves from the transmission.
Maybe your company already taken the protection regulations, hope so!! if not, please REMIND your company and take actions immediately.

Hope the best for all of us.



Kindest regards,

Royal Technology 
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