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MultiTech- RT1250-BLACK- PVD Jet Black Coating Machine Chrome Carbon CrN Coating

1 set
MultiTech- RT1250-BLACK- PVD Jet Black Coating Machine Chrome Carbon CrN Coating
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Deposition Sources: Cathodic Arcs + MF Cylinder Sputters
Deposition Films: TiC TiAlC, CrC, CrCN, DLC, Graphite Sputtering
Technology: Wear Resistance, Strong Adhesion
Factory Location: Shanghai City, China
Worldwide Service: Poland - Europe; Iran- West Asia & Middle East, Turkey, India, Mexico- South America
Training Service: Machine Operation, Maintenance, Coating Process Recipes, Program
Warranty: Limited Warranty 1 Year For Free, Whole Life For Machine
OEM & ODM: Available, We Support Tailor Made Design And Fabrication
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Jet Black Coating Machine


Chrome Carbon CrN Coating Machine


Wear Resistance Pvd Coating Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made in China
Certification: CE
Model Number: RT1250-BLACK
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 16 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 10 sets per month
Product Description

Customization to satisfy your special demand
Standardization to lower your production cost

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What is MF Sputtering?

Compared with DC and RF sputtering, Mid-Frequency sputtering has become a main thin film sputtering technique for mass production of coating, particularly for the film deposition of dielectric and non-conductive film coatings on surfaces such as optical coatings, solar panels, multiple layers, composite material film etc.
It is replacing RF sputtering due to it operated with kHz rather than MHz for a much faster deposition rate and also can avoid the Target poisoning during compound thin film deposition like DC.

MF sputtering targets always existed with two-sets. Two cathodes are used with an AC current switched back and forth between them which cleans the target surface with each reversal to reduce the charge build up on dielectrics that leads to arcing which can spew droplets into the plasma and prevent uniform thin film growth--- which is what we called Target Poisoning.



Deposition Sources
Steered Circular Arc sources for evaporation of solid metal target;
2/4/6 pairs of MF cylinder  sputtering cathodes for graphite thin film layer deposition;
Bias Power Supply for ion bomboardment to form the plasma area for pre-treatment;
Anode Linear Ion Source Unit ( for optional) PACVD and PECVD processing;
Cryopump ( Polycold) for water molecular condensation ( for optional)

Other Modules
1. Vacuum Chamber
2. Rouhging Vacuum Pumping System (Backing Pump Package)
3. High Vacuum Pumping System ( Magnetically Suspension Molecular Pump)
4. Electrical Control and Operation System
5. Auxiliarry Facility System (Sub System)
6. Deposition System: MF sputtering cathode, MF power supply, Bias Power Supply Ion source for optional



Coating Machine Performance

1. Ultimate Vacuum Pressure: better than 5.0×10-6 Torr.
2. Operating Vacuum Pressure: 1.0×10-4 Torr.
3. Pumpingdown Time: from 1 atm to 1.0×10-4 Torr≤ 3 minutes ( room temperature, dry, clean and empty chamber)
4. Metalizing material (sputtering + Arc evaporation): Ni, Cu, Ag, Au, Ti, Zr, Cr, TiN, TiC, TiAlN, CrN, CrC, etc.
5. Operating Model: Full Automatically /Semi-Auto/ Manually


Description RT1000-DLC




Technical Advantages

Plug-in Integrated system for fast installation
Short cycle times for decorative coatings
High yield of coating products
High density and excellent uniformity
High abrasion and corrosion resistance
More than aesthetic but functional performance

Higher volume
Multiple deposition sources for fast deposition
Combined arc and several sputtering cathodes : arc for good adhesion amd strong bonding layer, sputtering deposition for specific coatings.

Major Applications

Black DLC coatings on medical insutrments, jewelry, watch parts.
24K pure gold/18K gold alloycoatings on luxury products: brands metal accessries etc.
Microelectronics industry

Medium and larger workpieces: SS cutlery, door handles, bathroom fittings, automotive components, sports, house appliances , kitchenware and spectral frames etc.
Deposition Chamber

φ1000 * H1000mm

φ1250 * H1250mm

φ1600 * H1250mm

Load Diameter


8*φ270mm 10*φ230mm

10*φ300mm 16*φ200mm

Load Height
( Effective)
650mm 900mm 900mm
Deposition Cathodes 5 arc + 4 pairs MF cylinder sputter

Option A: 8 arc + 1 set DC planar sputter;
Option B: 5 arc + 2 sets DC planar sputter

7 arc + 3 (or 4) pairs of MF cylinder sputters 12 arc + 4 (or 6 ) pairs of MF cylinder sputters
Operation & Control System

Siemens PLC + Industrial Computer + RoyalTech. Operation Program
Available for remote operation and diagnosis

These configurations are standard, for a specific developing market and new special coatings, the customized configurations and modifications are available on requests.
MultiTech- RT1250-BLACK- PVD Jet Black Coating Machine Chrome Carbon CrN Coating 0  MultiTech- RT1250-BLACK- PVD Jet Black Coating Machine Chrome Carbon CrN Coating 1
                         Vacuum System Installation                                              Program Commissioning 
MultiTech- RT1250-BLACK- PVD Jet Black Coating Machine Chrome Carbon CrN Coating 2
Please contact us for more specifications, Royal Technology is honored to provide you total coating solutions. 

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