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ZrN Zirconium Nitride PVD Gold Coating Machine Cathodic Arc For ZrN

ZrN Zirconium Nitride PVD Gold Coating Machine Cathodic Arc For ZrN
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Training Service: Machine Operation, Maintenance, Coating Process Recipes, New Coating Recipes R&D
PVD Coating Properties: Scratch Resistance, Exceptional Hardness, Low Coefficient Of Friction, Good Chemical Resistance, Biocompatible, Excellent Aesthetic Appeal,
PVD Coating Technology: Combination Of Cathodic Arc Deposition And Magnetron Sputtering
PVD Coating Advantages: Environmentally Friendly, Durability, Aesthetic Versatility, And Cost-effectiveness
Applied Materials: Titanium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Brass Alloy Etc.
IPG Coating Applications: Watches, Jewelry, Etc. Luxury Metal Accessories
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ZrN Zirconium Nitride PVD Coating Machine


PVD Gold Coating Machine


Cathodic Arc Plating Machine

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: SHANGHAI, CHINA
Certification: CE
Model Number: RTAC-1400M
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 12~14 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets/month
Product Description

PVD ZrN (zirconium nitride) gold coatings are another type of PVD coating that replicates the appearance of gold. ZrN coatings offer a gold-like color and finish, similar to PVD TiN gold coatings.


Here's some information about PVD ZrN gold coatings:


  1. Appearance: PVD ZrN gold coatings have a bright, yellow-gold color that closely resembles the appearance of pure gold. The coating provides a lustrous and metallic finish, giving the coated surface an elegant and luxurious look.
  2. Composition: PVD ZrN gold coatings are composed of a thin layer of zirconium nitride. The coating is typically deposited onto a substrate using the PVD process, where zirconium and nitrogen atoms are vaporized and react to form ZrN on the surface.
  3. Durability: ZrN coatings are known for their excellent durability and resistance to wear, corrosion, and tarnishing. The coating forms a protective barrier on the substrate, enhancing its longevity and maintaining the gold-like appearance over time.
  4. Adhesion: PVD ZrN gold coatings exhibit strong adhesion to a wide range of substrates, including metals, ceramics, and some plastics. Similar to other PVD coatings, proper surface preparation and adhesion promotion techniques are employed to ensure a durable and long-lasting bond between the coating and the substrate.


    PVD ZrN gold coatings find applications in various industries and products that require a gold-like appearance. Some common applications include:
    • Jewelry: ZrN gold coatings are used in the jewelry industry to provide a gold finish on rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces.
    • Watches: ZrN gold coatings are applied to watch cases, bezels, and straps to achieve a gold-like appearance in the watch industry.
    • Decorative Hardware: ZrN gold coatings can be used on decorative hardware items like door handles, faucets, and knobs, offering an elegant and stylish gold finish.
    • Electronics and Technology: ZrN gold coatings are utilized in electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets, where a premium gold appearance is desired on metallic components or accents.
    • Automotive: ZrN gold coatings can be applied to automotive trim, emblems, and accessories to provide a high-end and decorative gold finish.

PVD ZrN gold coatings offer an alternative to traditional gold plating or solid gold, providing a cost-effective and durable solution with a visually appealing gold-like appearance. The coatings are widely used in various industries to achieve a luxurious and elegant finish on different products.


What are the advantages of using PVD ZrN gold coatings over traditional gold plating?


Using PVD ZrN gold coatings instead of traditional gold plating offers several advantages:


Durability: PVD ZrN gold coatings are highly durable and resistant to wear, corrosion, and tarnishing. They provide a protective barrier on the substrate, extending the lifespan of the coated product. In contrast, traditional gold plating can wear off over time, requiring re-plating to maintain the gold appearance.


Consistency: PVD ZrN gold coatings offer a consistent gold color and finish across the entire coated surface. Traditional gold plating can sometimes result in uneven color distribution or variations in appearance due to factors like plating thickness and surface irregularities.


Thickness Control: PVD coatings allow precise control over the thickness of the deposited layer. This enables manufacturers to achieve the desired color and appearance consistently, ensuring a uniform and aesthetically pleasing gold finish. In contrast, traditional gold plating thickness can be challenging to control, leading to inconsistencies in the final appearance.


Environmental Benefits: PVD coatings, including ZrN gold coatings, are a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional gold plating. PVD processes are typically carried out in a vacuum, minimizing the release of harmful chemicals and reducing waste generation compared to electroplating processes used in traditional gold plating.


Cost-Effectiveness: PVD ZrN gold coatings can be a cost-effective solution compared to traditional gold plating. While solid gold and gold plating can be expensive due to the high cost of gold, PVD coatings provide a gold-like appearance at a fraction of the cost, making them more accessible for various applications.


Compatibility: PVD ZrN gold coatings can be applied to a wide range of substrates, including metals, ceramics, and some plastics. This versatility allows for the application of the gold finish on diverse products, expanding the range of items that can benefit from the luxurious appearance of gold.


By utilizing PVD ZrN gold coatings, manufacturers can achieve a durable, consistent, and visually appealing gold-like finish on their products. These coatings provide advantages in terms of durability, uniformity, thickness control, environmental impact, cost, and compatibility, making them a desirable alternative to traditional gold plating.


Royal Technology provides standard models of PVD ZrN coating machines for various sizes of work pieces




Description RT1000-DLC RT1000-IPG RT1250 RT1612
Technical Advantages Plug-in Integrated system for fast installation
Short cycle times for decorative coatings
High yield of coating products
High density and excellent uniformity
High abrasion and corrosion resistance
More than aesthetic but functional performance
Higher volume
Multiple deposition sources for fast deposition
Combined arc and several sputtering cathodes : arc for good adhesion amd strong bonding layer, sputtering deposition for specific coatings.
Major Applications Black DLC coatings on medical insutrments, jewelry, watch parts.
24K pure gold/18K gold alloycoatings on luxury products: brands metal accessries etc.
Microelectronics industry
Medium and larger workpieces: SS cutlery, door handles, bathroom fittings, automotive components, sports, house appliances , kitchenware and spectral frames etc.
Deposition Chamber φ1000 * H1000mm φ1250 * H1250mm φ1600 * H1250mm
Load Diameter
8*φ270mm 10*φ230mm 10*φ300mm 16*φ200mm
Load Height
( Effective)
650mm 900mm 900mm
Deposition Cathodes 5 arc + 4 pairs MF cylinder sputter Option A: 8 arc + 1 set DC planar sputter;
Option B: 5 arc + 2 sets DC planar sputter
7 arc + 3 (or 4) pairs of MF cylinder sputters 12 arc + 4 (or 6 ) pairs of MF cylinder sputters
Operation & Control System Siemens PLC + Industrial Computer + RoyalTech. Operation Program
Available for remote operation and diagnosis

These configurations are standard, for a specific developing market and new special coatings, the customized configurations and modifications are available on requests.

Support and Services:

PVD Vacuum Coating Machine Technical Support and Service

We provide comprehensive technical support and service for our PVD Vacuum Coating Machine. Our support services include:

  • Technical advice and troubleshooting
  • Continuous product improvement
  • Regular maintenance and repair
  • On-site training and installation
  • Guaranteed spare parts availability

We offer these services in order to ensure that our customers get the most out of their investment in the PVD Vacuum Coating Machine. Our dedicated team of technical experts is available to provide assistance in any way needed.

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Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

PVD Vacuum Coating Machine is securely packaged and shipped with sturdy cardboard boxes and materials to ensure the product arrives safely and undamaged. Special care is taken to ensure that the product is not damaged during the packaging and shipping process.

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