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C60 Inductive Thermal Evaporation Machine Crucible Evaporation Coating Machine

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C60  Inductive Thermal Evaporation Machine Crucible Evaporation Coating Machine
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Vacuum Technology: Inductive Metallizing, Inductive Thermal Evaporation, Thermal Evaporation
Deposition Sources: Crucibles
Coating Films: C60
Factory Location: Shanghai City, China
Factory Location: Shanghai City, China
Worldwide Service: Poland - Europe; Iran- West Asia & Middle East, Turkey, India, Mexico- South America
Training Service: Machine Operation, Maintenance, Coating Process Recipes, Program
Training Service: Machine Operation, Maintenance, Coating Process Recipes, Program
Warranty: Limited Warranty 1 Year For Free, Whole Life For Machine
OEM & ODM: Available, We Support Tailor Made Design And Fabrication
OEM & ODM: Available, We Support Tailor Made Design And Fabrication
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: ROYAL
Certification: CE
Model Number: RT-C60
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 8 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, , T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets per month
Product Description




” No application of C60 has been commercialized. In the medical field, elements such as helium (that can be detected in minute quantities) can be used as chemical tracers in impregnated buckyballs.

Water-soluble derivatives of C60 were discovered to exert an inhibition on the three isoforms of nitric oxide synthase, with slightly different potencies.[41]

The optical absorption properties of C60 match solar spectrum in a way that suggests that C60-based films could be useful for photovoltaic applications. Because of its high electronic affinity [42] it is one of the most common electron acceptors used in donor/acceptor based solar cells. Conversion efficiencies up to 5.7% have been reported in C60–polymer cells. ————- From Wikipedia


Induction heating is widely used in different fields due to high process productivity and universality, cleanness and possibility of full automation. As one method of PVD thermal evaporation technology, the process is friendly for environment. Since the induction allows reaching temperature of 2000℃ and more, this method is very suitable for industrial production and scientific researches.

The RTEP400 Induction Evaporation Coating Machine is designed for C60 evaporating deposition on varies of materials. C60 manufactures provides R&D and testing results for prospective. A strong tool assisting them to expand new applied industries.

The first set is produced for Shanghai University. Industrial production model is under processing.


  1. C60 material manufacturers to make R&D on its applied industries like photovoltaic, solar cells, fuel cell, sensors, semiconductors etc.
  2. C60 material film deposition areas:
  • Semiconductors
  • Glass
  • Polymers
  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • Other Industrial products including food packaging films, metal strips etc.

With jet coating technology in vacuum chamber environment, deposit C60 atoms on product surface which condense the high purity C60 thin film layer. Our machine RTEP400-C60 is developed exclusively for C60 applications research and development.

Design Features:

  • Ultra-high ultimate vacuum pressure : up to 9.0*10-5Pa;
  • Fast heating up devices for a good adhesion;
  • Robust, compact and solid coating system;
  • Exclusively induction heating evaporation source design for C60 deposition;
  • Induction evaporator’s power: RF currency
  • Vertical orientation, Bell Jar Model, Top Opening

C60 Buckminsterfullerene Vacuum Jet Coating Machine advantages

  1. It is a coating method of 100% environmentally friendly;
  2. Easy operation process and PLC control system;
  3. Portable size, compact design

Technical Specifications:


  1. Ultimate Vacuum Pressure: better than 9.0*10-5Pa;
  • Operating Vacuum Pressure: 6.0*10-4Pa ~9.0*10-4 Pa;

Base Vacuum pressure: 3.0*10-4 Pa

  1. Pumping down Time: from 1 atm to 2.0×10-3Pa≤25 minutes ( room temperature, dry, clean and empty chamber)
  2. Deposition source: induction evaporator, crucible
  3. Operating Model: Manually
  4. Heating: from room temperature up to max. 1000℃,
  5. Evaporation Power: RF radio frequency and power supply
  6. Working Gas: Ar
  • Structure

The vacuum coating machine contains key completed system listed below:

  1. Vacuum Chamber

1.1 Size: Inner Diameter 400mm

Inner Height:400mm

1.2 Material: Vacuum Chamber SUS304

Chamber strengthen structure: SS41 mild steel, with painted finishing surface treatment.

Chamber chassis SS41 mild steel with painted finishing surface treatment.

1.3 Evaporation Shield : SUS304

1.4 View Window: on chamber door

1.5 Vacuum Chamber Venting Valve (including silencer)

  1. Roughing Vacuum Pumping System:
    Two-stage Oil Rotary Vane Pump
  2. High Vacuum Pumping System: Turbo Molecular Pump


  3. Electrical Control and Operation System- HMI operation unit

4.1 Main circuit: None-fuse breaker switch, electromagnetic switch, C/T in series type

4.2 Evaporation Power

4.3 Evaporation Control System

4.4 Operation System: PLC

4.5 Measuring System

Vacuum Pressure : Vacuum Gauge: Pirani + Penning gauge

4.6 Alarm System: Compressed air pressure , Cooling water flow, Mis-operation

4.7 Power Load Indicator: Voltage indicator and load current indicator

  1. Deposition System

5.1 Deposition source: induction thermal evaporator

5.2 Deposition material: C60

  1. Sub-System

6.1 Air Compressed Valve Control System

6.2 Cooling Water System:Water flow pipe and switch valve system

6.3 Working gas: Ar (>99.99%)

  1. Working Environment

Compressed Air: 5~8kg/cm2

Cooling Water: Water-In Temperature: 20~25℃, 200 Liter/min,
Water-In Pressure: 2~3 kg/cm2,


Power: 3 Phase 380V 50Hz(60Hz), 8kVA, average power consumption: 3kVA

Installation Area: (L*W*H) 2000*200*2000mm

Exhaust: Vent for mechanical pumps


C60  Inductive Thermal Evaporation Machine Crucible Evaporation Coating Machine 0

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