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Drum Supported Web Roll Vacuum Metallizer Cigarette Paper Package Coating Machine

Drum Supported Web Roll Vacuum Metallizer Cigarette Paper Package Coating Machine
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Web Roll Width: Width Of A Few Inches To 10 Feet
Web Roll Materials: Polymer Plastic Films Like PET, BOPP, CPP, PVC, PI, Metal Alloy, Paper, Stone Paper
Web Roll Weight: Thousands Of Pounds
Applications: Packaging Industry, Electronics, Solar Energy, Anti-counterfeiting, Reflective Coatings And Decorative Applications
Name: Roll-to-roll (R2R) Film Coating Machines
Coating Thickness: Thin Film 20~40nm; Heavy Film Up To 1~2 Microns
Coating Speed: As High As 2000~3000fpm (feet-per-minute)
Web Roll Length: Tens Of Thousands Of Feet
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BOPP Cigarette Paper Package Coating Machine


Drum Supported Web Roll Vacuum Metallizer


R2R Film Coating Machines

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: SHANGHAI, CHINA
Certification: CE
Model Number: RT-R2R
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 5~7 months
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 4 sets/month
Product Description

Product Description:

The Benefits of Roll-to-Roll Web Aluminum Vacuum Metallizers

R2R (Roll-to-Roll) web aluminum vacuum metallizers are machines used to deposit a thin layer of aluminum onto flexible substrates in a continuous process, which is commonly employed in a variety of industries such as packaging, electronics, automotive, and decorative applications.

R2R web aluminum vacuum metallizers typically consist of various components, such as an unwind station to feed the substrate roll, a cleaning section to remove contaminants, a pre-treatment section to enhance adhesion, a metallization chamber where evaporation takes place, and a cooling section to solidify the aluminum layer, followed by a winding station. This process offers numerous advantages, including high production speeds, excellent control over the thickness and uniformity of the aluminum layer, and the ability to process various flexible substrates like plastic films, paper, foils, and textiles. It is important to bear in mind that certain details and features of R2R web aluminum vacuum metallizers may vary depending on the manufacturer and purpose.



The RT-R2R Web Aluminum Vacuum Metallizer comes with a range of features that make it an ideal choice for production. The high throughput feature of this machine allows for reduced production costs. It also comes equipped with a heavy-duty deposition layer, which makes it suitable for high barrier applications.

In addition, it features a free-span process that eliminates the use of a drum line and edge trims. This makes it friendly to low tension substrates such as CPP, BOPP and LDPE. Furthermore, it allows for individual wire feeders which enable easy maintenance.

The machine also features a precision web handling mechanism with servo motor drives which help in accurate control at varying line speeds. Finally, what makes the RT-R2R Web Aluminum Vacuum Metallizer stand out is its compact design and minimal space requirements which make it easy to install even in tight spaces.


Technical Parameters:

R2R Web Vacuum Metallizing Process

R2R web vacuum metallizing is a process for depositing a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum, onto a flexible substrate in a continuous roll-to-roll manner. During this process, there are a number of key steps involved, as follows:

1. Substrate Unwinding

The process begins with a roll of the flexible substrate. This is unwound and fed into the metallizing machine. The substrate may pass through a cleaning section to remove any surface contaminants that could affect the metal coating.

2. Pre-Treatment

Following any cleaning, the substrate may undergo pre-treatment processes such as corona treatment or primer application to enhance the bonding between the substrate and the metal layer.

3. Metallization Chamber

The substrate enters the metallization chamber, which is maintained at a high vacuum, containing a series of evaporation sources or cathodes with the metal (such as aluminum) to be deposited.

4. Metal Evaporation

The metal within the evaporation sources is heated to its evaporation point. The metal then forms a vapor cloud within the chamber. The vaporized metal atoms travel in straight lines and condense onto the moving substrate, forming a thin, uniform metal layer.

5. Substrate Cooling

The coated substrate passes through a cooling section, where the metal layer solidifies and stabilizes.

6. Substrate Winding

The metallized substrate is wound onto a roll, ready for further processing or use in various applications.

The details of the R2R web vacuum metallizing process can vary depending on factors such as the desired metal coating, substrate material, and intended application. It can be optimized to control factors like coating thickness, adhesion, and uniformity to meet specific requirements.

R2R web vacuum metallizing offers advantages such as high production speeds, precise control over coating thickness, excellent adhesion, and the ability to process a wide range of flexible substrates, making it a versatile and widely used technique in various industrial settings.

Drum Supported Web Roll Vacuum Metallizer Cigarette Paper Package Coating Machine 0



R2R web vacuum metallizers can be designed with different configurations, including FREEN SPAN and drum-supported coating systems. Here's how these two configurations differ:

  1. FREEN SPAN Configuration: In a FREEN SPAN configuration, the web (substrate) is held taut and travels freely between two or more vacuum chambers. The web is typically supported by rollers or belts, and the tension is carefully controlled to ensure precise movement and uniform coating deposition. The chambers are designed to accommodate the web width, and the vacuum process occurs while the web is in motion.

Advantages of FREEN SPAN configuration:

  • Continuous Coating: The continuous movement of the web allows for continuous coating deposition without interruptions, resulting in high production throughput.
  • Uniform Coating Thickness: The controlled tension and smooth movement of the web help achieve uniform coating thickness across the entire web surface.
  • Flexibility: FREEN SPAN configurations can handle a wide range of web widths and materials, providing flexibility in production.
  • Drum-Supported Coating Configuration: In a drum-supported coating configuration, the web is wrapped around a rotating drum or cylinder, which serves as the primary support for the substrate during the vacuum metallization process. The drum is typically perforated to allow for the passage of vapor and facilitate the deposition of the metal layer onto the web.

Advantages of Drum-Supported coating configuration:

  • Simplified Handling: The drum provides a convenient and robust support structure for the web during the coating process, simplifying handling and alignment.
  • Reduced Web Tension: The drum-supported configuration allows for lower web tension compared to FREEN SPAN systems, which can be beneficial for delicate or sensitive substrates.
  • Enhanced Coating Coverage: The drum's rotation facilitates uniform coating coverage on the entire web surface as it passes through the metallization process.

Both FREEN SPAN and drum-supported coating configurations have their advantages depending on the specific application requirements. The choice of configuration often depends on factors such as web width, substrate type, desired coating quality, and production volume. Manufacturers select the configuration that best suits their needs to achieve optimal coating results and production efficiency.

Drum Supported Web Roll Vacuum Metallizer Cigarette Paper Package Coating Machine 1
Content Free Span Drum Supported
Applied Materials PET,OPP,CPP, PET,PVC etc. PET, Paper and PI etc.
Coating Time Post deposition During deposition
Uncoated Film Edge None Yes
Aluminum Consumption Low High
Two-sides Coating Available Unavailable
Heavy Deposition Good Better
Light Deposition Better Good
Deposition Uniformity Better Good
Deposition Adhesion Better Good
Drum Line Control Better Good
Low Tension Polymer Web Better Good


Vacuum Web (Roll) Coating, also known as R2R (Roll-to-Roll) web vacuum metallizing equipment, is a coating process of a thin, flexible material (web) in the form of a roll that is unwound, coated in a vacuum environment, and rewound in a continuous operation. The roll of material can have a width of several inches to 10 feet, a length of tens of thousands of feet, and a weight of thousands of lb. Moreover, the coating speed can reach an impressive 2000~3000 feet-per-minute, as displayed in Figure 1.

This technology is employed in various industries to enhance the visual appeal and functionality of products. It is popularly used in the packaging industry to provide a glossy, metallic appeal, improve barrier properties, and offer moisture resistance. Additionally, this process finds application in decorative elements in automotive, electronics, appliances, and consumer goods, as well as reflective films, lighting fixtures, and solar reflectors. Finally, metallized coatings are used as security features in products to prevent counterfeiting.

The versatility of the process allows for a wide range of possibilities in terms of functional and decorative coatings on flexible substrates, making R2R web vacuum metallizing indispensable in many industries.


Support and Services:

At Roll To Roll Coating Machine, we provide comprehensive technical support and services to ensure that our customers have a successful coating experience.

We offer a range of support services, including:

  • On-site maintenance and troubleshooting
  • 24/7 phone and online support
  • Service plans tailored to customer needs
  • Free online video tutorials
  • Product updates and upgrades
  • Access to our team of experts

Our goal is to make sure that our customers get the most out of their Roll To Roll Coating Machine products. So if you have any questions or need any help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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