3d Structure Clocks Thermal Evaporation Equipment Vacuum Deposition Highly Reflective
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3d Structure Clocks Thermal Evaporation Equipment Vacuum Deposition Highly Reflective
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Made in China
Brand Name: ROYAL
Certification: CE
Model Number: RTEP
High Light:

thermal evaporation unit


vacuum deposition machine

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Export standard, to be packed in new cases/cartons, suitable for long-distance ocean/air and inland transportation.
Delivery Time: 8 weeks
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 12 sets per month
Chamber: Vertical Orientation, 2-doors
Deposition Source: Tungsten Filament, Tungsten Board Tungsten Basket, Crucible Etc.
Deposition Materials: Tin Sn, Aluminum, Gold, Silver, Chromium, Copper, Indium, Indium Tin Oxide, Nickel
Applications: Plastic Products, Copper Ware Etc. Furniture, Dashboards, Knobs, Buttons, Plates, Fashion And Costume Jewelry Accessories, Toy Parts, Lifestyle Products, Car Lighting, Christmas Decorations
Product Description

 3D structure clocks Thermal Evaporation Coating Unit Vacuum Deposition to Prevent Oxidization
                                            2-Door Vertical Vacuum Metallizing Equipment
The 2-door vertical PVD vacuum metallizing machine RTEP1616 is a standardized model developed in 8 years ago. The Vacuum Thermal Evaporation Coater is widely used in automotive industry, automotive lighting reflectors, car logo chroming; audio and various 3D structure products like: cameras, computers, smart phones, clocks and watches, toys and sporting products, tableware, sanitary ware, medical industry,TPU , ABS, PC, PP, PVC, PET film, nylon, metal alloy, glass, ceramics, etc.
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3d Structure Clocks Thermal Evaporation Equipment Vacuum Deposition Highly Reflective 1
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PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) process “Resistant Evaporation Depositing” as an advanced coating technology to replace the traditional water-electroplating surface treatment method. The Evaporation sources: with tungsten filament, basket, boats and crucible etc by direct resistant heating to depositing materials which have lower melting point than tungsten metal: Al/Cr/Ag/Cu wires etc.
1. Decorative Coatings: ABS, PP, PC, PET, PMMA to deposit a thin film, high reflective, metallic like coating on toys, fashion and consume jewelry accessories, Christmas tree decorations, balls, buttons, shoes, mirrors.
2. Functional Coatings: protective layer: ZrO2 coatings on blades for heat insulation, AlxOx, HMDSO protective layers, EMI & NCVM on electronics.
3. Optics Coatings: Anti-Reflection coating (AF film), optical filter, color separation filter, telescope, periscope, microscope and digital camera.
Finishes are deposited using an environmentally friendly green process;
Highly reflective, brilliant and bright colors;
High volume production, low cost, ideal solution for mass production demand.

  • Vertical orientation, Cylinder, 2-doors structure, front opening.

Design Features:

  • 2-door structure machine for an independent loading operations, higher output
  • Robust structure design and high quality configurations
  • PLC + Touch Screen Operation System, fully automatically /Manually control
  • Fast Vacuum Evacuation System
  • Exclusively designed rotating Carousel structure for easy loading/uploading
  • Easy access to the working environment for maintenance

Technical Specifications:

  • Performance

1. Ultimate Vacuum Pressure: better than 5.0×10-6 Torr.
2. Operating Vacuum Pressure: 1.0×10-4 Torr.
3. Pumping down Time: from 1 atm to 1.0×10-4 Torr≤3 minutes ( room temperature, dry, clean and empty chamber)
4. Metalizing material ( evaporation): Al, Cr, Sn, Ti, SS, Cu… etc.
5. Operating Model: Full Automatically /Semi-Auto/ Manually

  • Structure

The vacuum coating machine contains key completed system listed below:
1. Vacuum Chamber
1.1 Size: Inner Diameter 1600mm
Inner Height: 1600mm
1.2 Material: Vacuum Chamber SUS304 (SS41 mild steel for option)
Door and flanges SUS304 (SS41 mild steel for option)
Chamber strengthen structure: SS41 mild steel, with painted finishing surface treatment.
Chamber chassis SS41 mild steel with painted finishing surface treatment.
1.3 Evaporation Shield : SUS304
1.4 View Window: on chamber door
1.5 Vacuum Chamber Venting Valve (including silencer)
1.6 Door: SUS304 material
2. Rouhging Vacuum Pumping System (Backing Pump Package)
3. High Vacuum Pumping System (Diffusion Pump + Cold trap device)
4. Electrical Control and Operation System- PLC+ Touch Screen

4.1 Main circuit: None-fuse breaker switch, electromagnetic switch, C/T in series type

4.2 Evaporation Power: 35kVA

4.3 Evaporation Control System

4.4 Operation System: Touch Screen + PLC, recipe control and data logging, Auto shutdown, auto evacuation, auto coating

4.5 Vacuum Pressure Measuring System

Vacuum Gauge: Pirani + Penning gauge

Thermocouple Gauge: 760 Torr ~ 5*10-4 Torr

4.6 Alarm System: Compressed air pressure , Cooling water flow, Mis-operation

4.7 Power Load Indicator: Voltage indicator and load current indicator
5. Deposition System
5.1 Tungsten filament evaporation source
5.2 Thermal evaporation materials: wires, rings, rods etc.
6. Sub-System

6.1 Air Compressed Valve Control System

6.2 Cooling Water System:Water flow pipe and switch valve system

6.3 Polycold (-120~-145℃) Brooks Cryopump for option.




  • RTEP1616 Vacuum Metalizer Layout


3d Structure Clocks Thermal Evaporation Equipment Vacuum Deposition Highly Reflective 3

  • Working Environment

Compressed Air: 5~8kg/cm2

Cooling Water: Water-In Temperature: 20~25℃, 200 Liter/min,
Water-In Pressure: 2~3 kg/cm2,


Power: 3 Phase 380V 50Hz(60Hz), 140kVA

Installation Area: (L*W*H) 6500*5500*2700mm
         Exhaust: Vent for mechanical pumps
Other 2-Door Vertical Vacuum Metallizing Equipment models:


Chamber Inner

Substrate Jigs (Qty.) Evaporation Power(kVA) Plasma (kVA) Cycle Time Electrical Power
RTEP1012 Φ1000xH1200 6,8,10 20 7 10'~15' depends on Product 3Phase/AC380V,50HZ
3Ph, 220 to 440V,60HZ
RTEP1416 Φ1400xH1600 6, 8,16 30 7
RTEP1418 Φ1400xH1800 6,16 35 10
RTEP1616 Φ1600xH1600 8.16 35 10
RTEP1618 Φ1600xH1800 8.16 35 10
RTEP1820 Φ1800xH2000 6 40 10
RTEP2022 Φ2000xH2200 10,12,16 40 10



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